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"I Want To Tell The World How Helpful And Instrumental You've Been!"

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"I Didn't Comprehend How Life Changing!"

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"I Used Everything Anthony Taught Me And I Got Everything I Wanted!"

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With VIP Consulting You'll Dive Deep Into Your Case Privately With Judge Anthony!

I know what it’s like. I’ve gone through the rough nights of not being able to tuck my children into bed at night. I’ve gone through moments of sadness when I know they won’t be coming home from school or basketball practice to see me. It’s brutal.
But I was lucky. I was equipped in so many ways to deal with not only the courtroom drama, but also with the heartache, stress and anxiety that are caused by divorce and custody cases.
As a retired judge and family court attorney, I’ve seen it all. I also have a background in psychology and personal development coaching. So, I know exactly what it takes to get results in and out of court.  
But not everyone is that lucky. It’s why I created my programs, and why I started Private VIP Consulting. 
We all have the same basic goals. But, every case is different and everyone’s path is different. 
This is why a personalized plan is the absolute best way to get a handle on your situation and start seeing results in and out of the courtroom. 

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Overcome Your Challenges With Proven Strategies That Work!

Together we will dive deep into your case to create a strategy and plan that works.  
We will work together to get you to a full understanding of all areas so that you can increase your chances of results in and out of the courtroom. 
For the past 20 years I have told my clients that their personal impact on their case is even more important than the attorney’s impact. This is because the client is the one feeling the pain, communicating daily about the case, documenting their evidence, and testifying in court. 
So it’s very important for the client to be educated in all 4 success pillars. Private 
VIP Consulting will help you do just that. 
It’s time to have an expert consultant on your side throughout the entire process! 

"It's Worth Every Penny!"

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"The Program Was The Best Choice Of My Life!"

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