The Custody Case Mastery Program, created by Judge Anthony, is exactly what you need to:

​Develop the skills needed to beat the narcissist.

​Prove your case in court once and for all.

​Negotiate with winning communication tactics.

​Have the confidence and power to call the shots.

​Testify persuasively when you take the stand.

The Custody Case Mastery Program normally sells for $997.00, but you can get it TODAY for just $397(Payment Plans Available)



Develop The Winning Mindset


Effective Communication In And Out Of Court


Evaluate, Prepare And Organize Your Evidence


Present Your Case Persuasively In Court

"I Didn't Comprehend How Life Changing!"

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"I Used Everything Anthony Taught Me And I Got Everything I Wanted!"

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(Full Description Of Each Module And Bonus Through The Page Below)

Module 1: Build A Winning Custody Mindset
Module 2: Sharpen Your Communication Skills
Module 3: Prepare Your Case Like A Lawyer
Module 4: Succeed In The Courtroom
Module 5: Craft A Persuasive Testimony
Module 6: Present Evidence So It Won’t Be Ignored
Module 7: Navigate Your Specific Custody Situation
Bonus 1: The Custody Case Mastery Private Mastermind Community
Bonus 2: Bi-Weekly Live Q&A With Judge Anthony
Bonus 3: The Custody Case Mastery Preparation Package
Bonus 4: How To Co-Parent In A Split Family
Bonus 5: How To Hire And Fire An Attorney
Bonus 6: Find Peace In Blended Families



"Parties in a custody case can really get manipulated and taken advantage of if they don't have the skills necessary to succeed. I grew tired of seeing good people get shutdown in court. There's no reason for it. So I created this program to help people get results and peace of mind that they crave."

Judge Anthony

Total Cost: $

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Develop The Winning Mindset


Effective Communication In And Out Of Court


Evaluate, Prepare And Organize Your Evidence


Present Your Case Persuasively In Court

"You Will Be Better Prepared!"

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Many More Testimonials Throughout The Page Below

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Put An End To The Custody Case Circus With Custody Case Mastery!

Custody Case Mastery is an at-your-pace, members only, online training program that will give you an unfair advantage in and out of the courtroom! This program works regardless of your backstory! 

The program consists of 7 modules that teach you how to think, communicate, prepare and present like a lawyer to help you get what you want! 
You will no longer have to worry about what you’re going to say in the courtroom. You won’t need to stress over trying to figure out what’s important and what’s not. 

The laws and rules of each state and county can differ slightly. However, the material covered in this program will be effective in any case!

It doesn’t matter if you’re pro se or if you have an attorney!
It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting your case or if you’ve been involved in it for years!
This one of a kind program will save you money, reduce your stress, and save you time researching that you can spend with your family. 
It’s no surprise that current members are raving about the program! 

Eliminate the Fear and Worry of Taking the Stand in Your Case!

Your testimony is going to be one of the most important aspects in your case. It’s your turn to tell the Judge all about the details of your case. Regardless of if you have the best attorney around, if you don’t testify correctly, it could hurt your case.
This program eliminates the fear and worry by ensuring you’re confident and ready for court. 
Also, when you’re on the stand, the other side will have a chance to cross examine you. If you’re not ready for everything, you can really get tripped up. 
You will be able to rely on this program to walk you through the ins and outs of cross examination. You’ll learn exactly what to expect when you’re on the stand testifying!
You will no longer have to research the internet for countless hours trying to find a needle in a hay truck. This quality real life information is sure to help you in your case.
Because you will have lifetime 24/7 access to this training, you will be able to prepare at your own pace. 
If you truly want to put an end to the stress and start seeing results, then this program is for you!

"It Makes Your Life 10 Times Easier!"

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"This Training Will Save Us Thousands!"

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Reunited With His Daughter After Two Years!

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"I Have So Much More Peace After Going Through The Modules!"

Brandi's Story...

Here's What You Will Get With Custody Case Mastery In Detail
($2,289.00 Value):

Build A Winning Custody Mindset

In an emotional custody battle, a winning mindset is everything. This is especially true when you’re dealing with someone who tries to control everything or does absolutely nothing and blames you for everything. In this module you’ll learn how to build the winning custody mindset. Specifically you’ll learn to:

Master the human ego and eliminate its effect on your custody case and your psyche.

​Get familiar with your pain patterns and the pain patterns of the other party.

​Stop obsessing over your case so that you can once again learn to live your life productively outside of court.

Develop the parenting mindset to be the most efficient and effective parent that your children need.

Learn the Develop the mindset required to overcome the narcissist in your case.

Sharpen Your Communication Skills

Getting what you want starts with effective communication in and out of the courtroom. Effective communication will save you thousands of dollars and can even keep you out of court. Within this module you will learn the following information that can help you finally get what you want in your case:

Develop the communication skills and tactics needed to get the upper hand so you can negotiate better.

​Learn the skills necessary to communicate with the judge and his/her staff to increase your chances at success. 

Communicate with your ex in a way that will minimize the drama in your case.

Discover what you should be telling your children to make the process easier for them.

Learn the art of communicating on social media during your custody case so you don’t have to post in fear.

Prepare Your Case Like A Lawyer

This In this module, Judge Anthony shares the exact process he has used to successfully prepare his cases. You’ll learn about what to document in your case, how to evaluate your evidence, and how to organize your evidence for your hearing. Specifically, in this module, you’ll learn:

The 5-Steps of The Custody Case Evidence Evaluator that was created by Judge Anthony.

The reasons to document in your case so that you can focus on what really matters and what you can control.

How to prepare and organize your evidence for court so that you’ll have an easier time presenting it to the judge. 

All about about objections and how you must use them to document and prepare. 

Succeed In The Courtroom

Confidence in the courtroom is so important. In this module, you’ll learn exactly what to expect when you walk into the courtroom. You will uncover the exact procedures the court will follow to ensure that you’ll be ready:

Know what to expect during every part of your hearing or trial!

​You’ll never say something at the wrong time because you’ll always know what’s acceptable and expected!

Say goodbye to the guesswork and get your questions answered!

Craft A Persuasive Testimony

The testimony of you and your witnesses is the most important thing in your case. And this module will have you covered while you and your witnesses take the stand. Through this module, you will learn:

Uncover the specific sequence and timeline to make a winning testimony.

Discover what witnesses you might need and what’s important for them to tell the Judge!

Testify persuasively and prove your case once and for all!

Present Physical Evidence So It Won't Be Ignored

This module will walk you through the process step by step. You no longer have to worry about how to get in good evidence and keep out the bad evidence that can destroy your case!

Find out exactly how to present physical evidence in court with a step by step video explanation.

​Force the judge to see admissible favorable physical evidence so they can hear your side of the story.

​Stop doing it wrong and being ignored by the judge. 

Be strong and confident in the courtroom so you can speak up for yourself and your children!

Navigate Your Specific Custody Situation

There are so many different specific situations that you may need to navigate through. In this module, Judge Anthony will teach you about those various different types of situation including:

What to do in a case involving parental alienation.

​How to handle and communicate with a GAL in custody cases.

What to do in cases involving custody evaluations, drug and alcohol evaluations and mental health evaluations. 

The truth about reconciliation therapy.

Plus You'll Get These Great Bonuses!!

Bonus #1: The Custody Case Mastery Private Mastermind Community ($497.00 Value)

To find true success, you will need a community of like minded people who are willing to support you. That’s exactly what the Mastermind Community is! Membership into this private Facebook Group will give you: a place to strategize with and get insight from other students who are going through difficult custody disputes just like you. You will be able to share perspectives and assist each other through the journey. You will also have access to Attorney Anthony Bompiani as he’s very active in the group!

A place to strategize with and get insight from other students!

​A forum to share perspectives and assist each other through the journey!

Access to Attorney Anthony Bompiani!

Weekly live videos from Attorney Anthony Bompiani discussing various issues in and out of the courtroom.

Bonus #2: Bi-Weekly LIVE Q&A With Judge Anthony ($997.00 Value)

Twice a month, Judge Anthony holds a LIVE Question and Answer Session with his Custody Case Mastery members in the private Facebook Group:

LIVE Q&A Follows Each Session

​Miss the LIVE? No Problem! The Replay Of Each Session Will Be Available In The Private Facebook Group To Review At Your Leisure!

Bonus #3: The Custody Case Mastery Preparation Package ($197.00 Value)

In this bonus preparation package, Judge Anthony provides you with 3 digital resources that you can start using immediately in your case:

Custody Case Mastery Daily JournalUse this journal to document your evidence in the easiest and most effective way.

Custody Case Evidence Evaluator: With this resource you’ll have access to the 5-steps you must follow to evaluate your evidence. You’ll also have the quick and easy checklist that will make the process easy.

Custody Case Mastery Trial Prep Planner: If you are going into a hearing or trial, you will have to prepare and organize your evidence and witnesses. This Planner takes out the guesswork and is a must even if you have a lawyer.

Bonus #4: How To Co-Parent In A Split Family ($197.00 Value)

Co-parenting under one roof is tough enough. Co-parenting in a custody battle can sometime feel impossible. In this bonus lesson, Judge Anthony will coach you on:

How How To Effectively Co-Parent In A Split Family

​How The best methods used in co-parenting

How to encourage the other party to co-parent. 

Bonus #5: How To Hire And Fire An Attorney ($197.00 Value)

Many parents are in the dark when it comes to hiring a custody attorney. Likewise, there are so many questions when trying to fire an attorney. In this lesson you’ll learn:

How to vet a custody attorney effectively. 

​How to formally hire the best attorney possible. 

The process you MUST go through to fire an attorney who isn’t doing the job! 

Bonus #6: Find Peace In Blended Families ($197.00 Value)

If you have a significant other or your ex has a significant other, you don’t want to miss this bonus lesson. In it, you’ll learn how to eliminate the stress and find peace in blended families. 

Here's A Full Breakdown Of The Value You Get With This Program!!

Instant 24/7 Access to Custody Case Mastery (ALL 7 MODULES)

$2,289.00 Value

Bonus 1: Custody Case Mastery Private Mastermind Community

$497.00 Value

Bonus 2: Bi-Weekly LIVE Q&A With Judge Anthony

$997.00 Value

Bonus 3: The Custody Case Mastery Preparation Package

$197.00 Value

Bonus 4: How To Co-Parent In A Split Family

$197.00 Value

Bonus 5: How To Hire And Fire An Attorney

$197.00 Value

Bonus 6: Find Peace In Blended Families

$197.00 Value



A 100% Money Back Guarantee Offer!

If, within 5 DAYS of access, you do not feel that this membership provided you with more value than your purchase price, we will refund your purchase in its entirety.





$227 x 2 Payments!


$167 x 3 Payments!

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Who Is Judge Anthony?

"Let Me Tell You How Worth It Is!"

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Will Empower You To Advocate For Yourself And Your Children!

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"Best Thing I Ever Bought For Myself And My Kids!"

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Still Have Questions? Here Are The Answers To Some Of Our Frequently Asked Questions...

YES! This training program is a must if you don't have an attorney. In fact, many of our current students who are pro se are calling it a "game changer!"

YES! This training is a must even if you have an attorney. This program will prepare you for what you will see in court. After completing the various modules, you will be ready for anything! Also, the section on communication will give you so many skills you need to be successful in your custody case!

No! So long as you live in the United States, the Custody Court Success Training Program will help you immensely! The program is not based on substantive law. The courtroom modules of the program are based on the federal rules of evidence, which are very similar to nearly all states' rules. Further, the various other modules are based on human behavior and communication. You will learn exactly what I've done to get successful results in and out of the courtroom.

YES! After you register, you will have access forever!

You can access at any time! Once you register, you will create your account with your email address and you will select password. Then, you will have 24/7 access to the training videos so you can complete the training at your pace.

No! You will be able to watch the videos as many times as you want at your leisure. So you can watch them over and over again if you want to!

Once you register for the program you will also have access to the Mastermind Community on Facebook. There you will have access to many other students from around the nation! You will be able to communicate with them about the program. Plus, through the Mastermind Community, you will have access to Attorney Anthony Bompiani to ask him questions about the program!

"The Program Was The Best Choice Of My Life!"

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