4 Reasons Why A Narcissist Goes Crazy During A Child Custody Case


A divorce and child custody battle with a narcissist is the absolute worst! Your narcissistic ex will go completely crazy in a family court case. Also, if you’re in a child custody case with a narcissist mother or father, they will also seem to lose their mind.

Whether it be your narcissist ex or your narcissist parent, they will show zero empathy towards you or your children. It is like they completely lose their mind. In this article, “4 Reasons Why A Narcissist Goes Crazy During A Child Custody Case,” we’ll discuss why that happens.

If you’re involved in a divorce or custody battle with a narcissistic-type person (even if they’re not diagnosed with NPD), you already know how difficult it is.

You hear the term narcissist a lot in a divorce and child custody battle. Everyone talks about it. And most people think their ex is a narcissist.

It’s not because everyone is diagnosed with this disorder.

It’s because anyone who has these underlying narcissistic qualities seems to release them during the stress of the situation. The qualities I’m talking about are:

  1. A huge and fragile ego;
  2. Low self esteem; and
  3. A lack of empathy.

We all have these qualities at one time or another in our lives. But, a narcissistic person has adopted these into their character. And, once that child custody case or divorce start, those characteristics explode and turn them into a monster. Here’s why.

There are four main reasons why a person with narcissistic tendencies seems to go completely crazy during a separation and or child custody dispute.

Please pay close attention and read carefully because once you can understand the reasons for these behaviors, it will help minimize the impact that they have on you.

All four of these reasons have to do with the perception of loss or losing to the narcissistic person.

  1. They feel like they’ve lost control, they can no longer control the narrative of your relationship, and they can no longer use societal and religious pressures to keep you in it;
  2. The loss or failure of the relationship or marriage. No one wants to fail at marriage, but to someone who needs to look their best to everyone. This can be especially devastating;
  3. The potential of losing you to someone else. You are property to this person and the potential of someone else having you drives them crazy; and
  4. The worst kind of narcissistic individual looks at their child(ren) as property too. It’s a game for them. And “losing” their property to someone else, especially you, can throw them off the deep end!

The question now is how can you deal with a narcissist during a child custody case in and out of the courtroom to get the results you and your family deserve?

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It’s not easy, but you can and will succeed. You just need to do the right things consistently through the processes.

Wishing you great success in and out of the courtroom!