3 Signs You’re In A Custody Battle With A Narcissist

We hear the term thrown around all the time in family court cases. Narcissist this and narcissist that. But is the other party in your divorce or child custody case really a narcissist? Or at least narcissistic?

To be honest it doesn’t matter if they’re diagnosed or just narcissistic in their behavior and thinking. It all hurts just the same and it all works the same way in family court.

Regardless, here are three signs that you’re in a case with someone who is narcissistic:

1. They smear your name to everyone and anyone who will listen. Typically they will leach onto your friends and even family members to convince them that you’re the one at fault;

2. They accuse you of everything that they are actually doing! This is a typical tactic, but can actually be used by you as a roadmap in court; and

3. They threaten to “take everything” (including the children) if you go to court! It’s because t!hey’re afraid of being exposed.

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